The board of directors manages the group’s business with integrity and by applying appropriate corporate governance practices.

Rachel Jafta   Salie de Swardt   Hein Willemse

Rachel Jafta (54), MEcon and PhD, is a professor in economics at Stellenbosch University (SU). She joined Naspers as a director in 2003 and was appointed a director of Media24 in 2007. She is a member of the South African Economic Society, director of Econex, chair of the Cape Town Carnival Trust and a member of the management committee of the Bureau for Economic Research at SU. She is a member of the human resources and remuneration committee of Media24 and chair of its nomination committee. She was appointed chair of the Media24 board in April 2013. In 2015 she was appointed to the International Advisory Board of Fondação Dom Cabral Business School, Brazil.

Salie de Swardt (71) holds the qualifications BAHons and BEcon from Stellenbosch University and was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. During his career with Naspers he served as financial editor and editor of Beeld. He was also the founding editor of Finansies & Tegniek (now Finweek), chief executive of Media24 Magazines and managing director of Media24 from 2000 until his retirement in 2005. He is the chair of Media24’s audit and risk committees since 2013.

Hein Willemse (57) holds BAHons (cum laude), MA (cum laude), MBL and DLitt degrees. He is currently professor of literature in the Department of Afrikaans at the University of Pretoria. He is a board member or trustee of various national and international subject associations and community organisations.
Koos Bekker   Debra Meyer   Ruda Landman

Koos Bekker (62) led the founding team of the M-Net/MultiChoice pay-television business in 1985. He was also a founder of the cellular telephony company MTN. Koos headed the MIH group in its international and internet expansion until 1997, when he became chief executive of Naspers. He serves on the boards of various public bodies. He retired in 2014 as Naspers chief executive and was appointed Naspers chair in April 2015.

Debra Meyer (48) is a professor of biochemistry and executive dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Johannesburg. She was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of California, Davis, where she obtained a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology. She completed modules in media strategy and academic leadership at Harvard and Gibs (University of Pretoria) and makes regular contributions to several newspapers and magazines. She serves as trustee or board member of several organisations.

Ruda Landman (61) studied at Stellenbosch University (SU) and worked as a journalist for 30 years, the last 19 of which were spent as co-presenter of the M-Net programme Carte Blanche. Since leaving Carte Blanche in 2007 she has been freelancing in the communications and media field. She was awarded an honorary doctorate by SU in 2011 for her work as a journalist. She is chair of the Media24 safety, health and environment committee, as well as the human resources and remuneration committee. She is also a member of the nomination committee.
Jo-Ann Held   Esmaré Weideman   Manie Mayman

Jo-Ann Held (34) obtained a BComLaw degree at Stellenbosch University. Jo-Ann is a media entrepreneur who, among others, produced and presented her own prime-time television show. She is a celebrity advocate for Unicef. She also has several enterprises and is a director of Partnership Investments, a company with interests in media, mining and property. She also serves on the Western Cape Board of Ubuntu Botho (part of Sanlam), the advisory board of the Stellenbosch University Business School and the board of M&C Saatchi Abel.

Esmaré Weideman (53) obtained the qualifications BCom and BJournalismHons (both cum laude) at Stellenbosch University. She has more than 25 years’ experience as a journalist, political writer, news editor and an editor at some of the country’s most prestigious publications. She was editor-in-chief of Media24’s flagship weekly magazines Huisgenoot, YOU and DRUM, before being appointed as chief executive of Media24 in 2011. She is a director of Media24 and Novus Holdings Limited (previously Paarl Media Group).

Manie Mayman (60) is a chartered accountant and holds the qualifications BComptAccHons and BComHons (financial management) from Unisa. He is a former financial director of BP Southern Africa Proprietary Limited, with overall responsibility for the financial management of BP’s refining and marketing operations in sub-Saharan Africa. In September 2007 he was appointed chief financial officer of Media24. He left the company and returned in 2011 as chief financial officer for Media24 News. In January 2014 he was appointed as the Media24 director responsible for the finance function.
Trevor Petersen  

Trevor Petersen (59) is a chartered accountant with more than 30 years’ experience. He obtained a BComHons degree in financial management from the University of Cape Town (UCT) in 1987. He worked as executive partner at PwC for an extended period and later as chair of their Western Cape branch. Since 2010 he’s been a non-executive director of Mediclinic Southern Africa Limited, a director of Mediclinic International Limited since 2012 and a director of the listed mining company, Petmin Limited, since 2011. He also serves on the board of Robinson Liquors Proprietary Limited, trading as Ultra Liquors. He has served on the UCT board since 2002; he’s been chair of their finance committee since 2004 and since 2012 chair of the executive of the university’s College of Accounting.

Directors and attendance at meetings

  Date first
appointed in
current position
Date last
Five board
meetings held
during the year. Attendance:
R C C Jafta 9 February 2007 2 September 2013 5 Independent
S J Z Pacak(1) 1 April 2009 1 September 2014 5 Non-executive
H R Botman(2) 14 September 2006 16 September 2011 2 Independent
G M Landman 14 September 2006 2 September 2013 5 Independent
S S de Swardt 14 September 2006 1 September 2014 5 Independent
J P Bekker(3) 1 April 2015 1 April 2015 0 Non-executive
E Weideman 1 July 2011 16 September 2011 5 Executive
D Meyer 1 April 2013 1 April 2013 5 Independent
L N Jonker(4) 21 November 2013 21 November 2013 5 Independent
N P van Heerden(5) 21 November 2013 21 November 2013 5 Independent
H S S Willemse 21 November 2013 21 November 2013 5 Independent
J C Held 1 January 2014 1 January 2014 5 Independent
A Mayman 1 January 2014 1 January 2014 5 Executive
(1) Resigned 30 June 2015.    
(2) Deceased 28 June 2014.    
(3) Appointed 1 April 2015.    
(4) Retired 30 June 2015.    
(5) Retired 31 March 2015.    

Committees and attendance

resources and
health and
  One meeting
held during
the year.
Five meetings
held during the year.
Two meetings held during the year. Attendance: Four meetings
held during the year.
R C C Jafta 1 5 5     4 4
S S de Swardt 1     4 4
J P Bekker(2)                        
S J Z Pacak(3) 1                 3
G M Landman 1 5 5 2        
SL N Jonker(4)             2 4 4
H S S Willemse             2        
H R Botman(5)             1        
E Weideman 1                 4
D Meyer             2        
N P van Heerden(6)     5 5            
J C Held                 4 4
A Mayman 1                 4
(1) Executive director(s) attend by invitation.
(2) Appointed 1 April 2015.
(3) Resigned 30 June 2015.
(4) Retired 30 June 2015.
(5) Deceased 28 June 2014.
(6) Retired 31 March 2015.